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Microwaveable Container with Lid - GD-16

Microwaveable Container with Lid - GD-16

THE BEST CONTAINERS: Begin by using a higher-quality microwavable black bottom clear top container. We collaborate directly with our own factory to develop a more inexpensive, adaptable, and high-quality set of food storage containers with better-performing lids.

AIRTIGHT STORAGE: No need to be concerned about spills! These containers maintain an airtight seal even when fully filled with foods and are leak-proof in the car, fridge, lunchbox, or freezer. Our lids have a perfect tight fit preventing any leakages.

MORE VERSATILE: We're improving the deli takeaway packaging! Begin by utilizing a stackable, microwaveable, freezable, dishwasherable food container that is robust enough to be used and reused. Each container is composed of recyclable plastic.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Microwaveable
  • Heavy Duty 
  • BPA Free 
  • Spill Proof
  • Recyclable

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Product Details

Product ID: GD-16
Description 16oz Rectangular Microwaveable Container with Lid, 150 sets (50/6)
Dim: {data here}
Material: {data here}
Color: Black Base, Clear Lid
Lids: {data here}
Case Dimension:
Length: {data here} Width: {data here} Height: {data here}

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