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What is it?

Short lead times

Our company priotrize on providing the faster and most efficenint lead timesi n the industyr and with our internal processes that we have in place you will be sure to receive your products in the fastest time posssible.

Fast Service

Receive Your Products Quicker

Whether you need gloves, cups, or biodegradable containers, our company prioritizes providing the quickest and most efficient lead times in the industry. Our internal processes and multiple points of distribution helps ensure that you will receive the essential products your company depends on to operate.

What we offer

Competitive pricing

Not only do we offer competitive pricing, we will also work with you to maximize the budgeting needs for your company. Our expertly streamlined supply chain means we are able to provide high-quality yet cost-effective supplies. We focus on direct distribution which eliminates the middleman and saves you money.

Distinguished Experience

Relationship based customer service

Unlike other companies that are solely concerned with profit, we take the time to build a  relationship with our customers by understanding their needs. Our service is second to none. Consider us a trusted friend who has your company’s best interest in mind. This means we protect you from market changes and volatility when it comes to availability and quality of products. Changes in the supply chain is not an issue businesses can afford to deal with.

Our Process

Your Trusted, Reliable Supplier

Quality materials impact the perception of your business. One of the marks of a well-prepared company is keeping necessities in stock and available for employee and/or public use. General Disposables is an experienced company that understands this truth. While other companies may push pack delivery times or scramble to find replacement products from subpar manufacturers, we ensure that your business is put at no such risk of shortages.

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