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HD 38"x"46" 12Mic Blue/Soiled (250pcs/cs)

HD 38"x"46" 12Mic Blue/Soiled (250pcs/cs)

DIRECT MANUFACTURING - Begin by using a higher-quality HD can liner. We collaborate directly with our own factory to develop a more inexpensive, adaptable, and high-quality set of liners for your daily use.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Our HD can liners contain at least 90% recycled material. Enjoy the fact that you are minimizing landfill waste without compromising quality.

DURABILITY - Maximum resilience to tears and punctures. Designed to hold the roughest and most abrasive objects. Including objects with sharp edges and unusual shapes, such as glass, nails, metal, wood, and cardboard.

ADAPTABILITY - Excellent for construction debris, demolitions, heavy-duty clean-ups, yard maintenance, garage clean-up, workshop, or heavy-duty storage. Popular among contractors and for heavy-duty commercial or residential applications.

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